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It is here that we invite you to enjoy our boutique roasted coffee, Italian influenced breakfast, pastries, world-class antipasto, freshly made pasta, Napoli-style pizza and vibrant aperitivo style wine and cocktails.

Secolo Dining is the realisation of a long standing dream to provide Sydney with a contemporary Italian dining experience that will keep you coming back for more.


From the minute you walk through the doors and lay your eyes on the architectural design you will instantly feel that Secolo Dining is unlike any other place in Sydney. The design project directed by Renato D’Ettorre Architects was approached organically and entailed arduous research to create a striking yet practical dining space.



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Secolo Dining’s mission and philosophy is to deliver consistently superior, high value, delicious and nutritious products with warm hospitality, accessible to all.

Our Head Chef

Before joining Secolo Dining as Head Chef in 2020, Stefano Paolillo worked his way up in the kitchens of London, the prestigious *****Deluxe Hotel Splendid Royal in Switzerland, and after relocating to beautiful Sydney he ultimately led the kitchen brigade at renowned Bar M in Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay. His childhood and the early years of his professional career, however, are what formed his truly exceptional style today.

Chef Stef grew up in Salerno, Italy only a few kilometres away from the world-renowned Amalfi coast. His passion for cooking stems from his childhood days already where he and his father would experiment with new flavours and traditional Italian dishes. The Italian boy still shines through in his latest creations where he adds his very own contemporary twist to authentic Italian dishes without forgetting his country’s heritage. A style that could almost be described as playful. Don’t believe us? Provate voi stessi – try it yourself!

“We stand by Vera Pizza Napoletana which is a movement to protect the style of pizza traditionally found in Naples. Secolo Dining has also received the Ospitalita’ Italiana Award 2018 which is a quality seal recognised by the Italian Government.”



Roberto Opipari Stefano Paolillo